We’re thrilled to announce that The Canadian Media Guild (CMG) is an official partner of We Choose! The announcement was made this morning with CMG President Kamala Rao and CBC Branch President Jonathan Spence signing the We Choose petition to demonstrate their support.

“FRIENDS recognizes that our members deliver a vital public service. That’s why we are supporting this essential campaign,” Kamala Rao said.

Left to right: CBC Branch President Jonathan Spence, CMG President Kamala Rao and Friends Executive Director Daniel Bernhard.

“The Guild represents a very important group of private and public sector journalists and media workers who keep our democracy alive in increasingly difficult conditions,” said FRIENDS Executive Director Daniel Bernhard. “Canada needs this campaign to succeed, and with the CMG on board, our prospects for success have markedly improved.”

The average investment in public broadcasting among OECD countries is $87 per person per year. At $34 per person per year, Canada is 16th out of 18 OECD countries when it comes to funding public service media.

CMG President Kamala Rao signs the We Choose petition.

As you can see in our previous posts, we’ve been distributing We Choose CBC lawn signs in 22 battleground ridings to show that voters will support policies – and politicians – that strengthen the CBC. With less than 70 days until the federal election, it’s time to ramp up our efforts to make funding for public service broadcasting a key issue for all our elected leaders.

Dedicated Friends volunteer Lisa Douglas was on hand to help with the partnership announcement.

Be part of the movement to strengthen our public broadcaster by signing the petition, ordering a lawn sign or volunteering with us. You can read our press release on the partnership here.