We Choose Canada

Our public broadcaster exists to “inform, enlighten, and entertain” Canadians but it’s practically on life support after 30 years of cuts. The BBC receives $100 per person per year! Norway’s public broadcaster gets $162 per year. But CBC gets a measly $34!

Instead of funding professional Canadian journalism to tell our truth and stories, Ottawa is throwing billions at Silicon Valley monopolies that profit from spreading fake news and extremism. When you add it all up, the tax breaks and exemptions the federal government gifts to companies like Facebook and Google are worth more than double what we invest in our national public broadcaster.

We have two problems:

  • Facebook is besieging our democracy with misinformation and extreme content, at the very moment when Canadian journalism is facing extinction.
  • Unregulated broadcasters like Netflix are Americanizing our screens. They make great TV, but they aren’t required to follow the same rules Canadian broadcasters must comply with. We don’t even ask them to!

A strong CBC, and a healthy independent media with enough funding to fight misinformation and tell great Canadian stories about our communities across the land can address these two problems.

Foreign corporations can’t be trusted to put Canada’s interests first. It’s time to put the Canadian people back in charge. The future of Canadian journalism and culture should be one that we choose.

Join our campaign to put Canada back in charge of our own culture and democracy. Let’s make Silicon Valley play by our rules, and let’s double down on CBC to give us the shamelessly Canadian news and programming we need.

#WeChooseCanada #WeChooseCBC

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Urge Ottawa to commit to funding CBC so it can fight misinformation and tell great Canadian stories from our communities.

Campaign Overview

Sign blitz in Ottawa Centre

Friends of Canadian Broadcasting volunteers were out today in the federal riding of Ottawa Centre putting up lawn signs for the We Choose Canada campaign.

Toronto Danforth up and running!

The campaign in Toronto Danforth launched with a bang March 20th at the amazing Ralph Thornton Community Centre on Queen Street.  A vibrant team is at work to get this campaign humming.  More details to follow soon.

National We Choose sign launch in Kelowna

The very first We Choose campaign lawn signs were planted on Cadder Ave. in Kelowna on March 12th.  These signs will now begin to blossom like crocus in spring in swing ridings across the country!

Oakville campaign launch

The Oakville Museum was the site of FRIENDS campaign 2019 launch event on March 7, as it was before the last federal election.  A crowd of enthusiastic supporters gathered to remember the power of the 2015 grassroots campaign FRIENDS sponsored in Oakville, and to plan for this year’s effort.

Video feature of Tyler-Thompson attacking CBC

The People’s Party want to kill CBC.  Their candidate won 11% of the vote in the Burnaby South by-election.  Here, Laura-Lynn Thompson attacks CBC at a candidates’ debate on February 6, 2019, sponsored by FRIENDS.

Burnaby South by-election candidate debate

On February 6th FRIENDS sponsored a raucous candidates debate during the Burnaby South by-election.  More than 200 people attended.  It was an interesting evening.  All but one candidate pledged their support for public broadcasting.  Laura-Lynn Tyler-Thompson, the candidate for the far right Peoples Party of Maxim Bernier, declared they will “de-fund” CBC.

Burnaby Launch

FRIENDS’ We Choose campaign launched with a bang in Burnaby on November 29, 2018.  We are targeting the ridings Burnaby South and Burnaby North—Seymour. The campaign has already staged one major event – a candidates’ debate during the recent by-election in Burnaby South – with more to come!

Peterborough campaign blast off!

FRIENDS volunteers in Peterborough planted 1200 lawn signs during the 2015 We Vote CBC! campaign.  They plan to do that again in 2019!  To get started, a launch event was held November 21st at the beautiful Showplace Performance Centre in downtown Peterborough.

Calgary campaign off and running

The very first campaign launch for the We Choose campaign took place in Calgary on October 23rd at the Kensington Legion. A large and enthusiastic group of FRIENDS’ supporters attended.  We are campaigning this year in the ridings of Calgary Centre and Calgary Confederation, adjacent ridings separated by the mighty Bow River!